3 Uses of implicit user feedback to maintain human-in-the-loop philosophy

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Suraj Venkat
3 Uses of implicit user feedback to maintain human-in-the-loop philosophy

Humans play a great role in data-driven products , especially that leverages deep tech and the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Not only being consumers of AI services , but people’s implicit feedback on a particular service and ratings does help a lot in improving the product.Human feedback provides an array of signals that can be used to teach the machine on how to improve itself.

Popular examples include a self-driving car getting better and better at making decisions while observing a human driver or a chess engine becoming more smarter while competing with more advanced players around the globe.

Advancements have been on a large scale in developing AI systems through usage of cloud computing , building more robust and fast architectures but understanding how technology should interact with people in human-in-the-loop systems is something that has not been developed at pace.

Here are 3 uses of feedback over Artificial Intelligence from users:-

1. Avoiding bias

AI systems are sometimes trained on data that can be biased. Human feedback can detect the biases early and stop algorithms from making biased decisions , which in turn can reduce prejudiced , stereotyped and wrong judgements.

2. Create Jobs

Having human-in-the loop can be used for data labelling , which in turn can create more employment. Getting access to quality and labelled data is difficult. Unless we have access to good quality labelled and diversified data , the AI will not be able to make good decisions. Since humans are needed to train many AI systems , AI-boom will create more employment in future.

3. Making systems more human-friendly

AI systems when combined with human support can perform surprisingly well on certain tasks. Take for example doing a complex surgery or identifying breast cancer / diabetic retinopathy from images - AI combined with human feedback can speed up the process. The system becomes much more efficient , accurate and precise in it’s judgements.

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