4 reasons why businesses need zero-touch customer services

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Suraj Venkat
4 reasons why businesses need zero-touch customer services

What is zero-touch customer service?

Zero-touch customer service is all about solving the problems before they arise and also to help the customers solve the problem as quickly as possible with proactive and creative solutions.

These proactive and creative solutions include walkthroughs of websites and apps, social media integration as well as innovative and customer-oriented web design. These are some of the ways you can integrate zero-touch customer service and get higher levels of customer satisfaction and customer retention. Now that you understand what is zero-touch customer service, here’s why you would need it.

Why do you need zero-touch customer service?

  • The modern consumer has no patience for interactions over a span of days and weeks:

Let’s accept the fact that the ways in which Customer Experiences have changed customer likes to wait for days or weeks to receive a reply from their service provider. The need for improved and reliable customer support has made the customer more spontaneous than before. Are you sure you would want to miss out?

  • Customers rely and expect a more personalised approach from their service providers:

Today, the customers have been used to a personalised approach that makes them feel that their issues are being considered as a priority. Further, when customers don’t find the dedicated type of support that keeps them at priority, chances are that they will cut ties with the brand.

  • They require support that is completely taken care of:

Gone are those days when customers were okay with waiting while their calls or queries were being transferred from one executive to another. The nature of present CX demands a one to one resolution for the problems that they are facing.

  • The bar is moving from one-click to zero-touch:

Now, the rise of AI and chatbots is a revolution that needs no introduction. The CX phase has made a huge shift from the traditional form of customer interaction over one click to resolving problems, even before they arise! The future of customer support demands zero-touch for the effective channel of handling queries.


If you haven’t already convinced yourself to move to the zero-touch consumer services and rely on the traditional means, chances are that you are missing out on your potential customers even before knowing, Lastly, zero-touch consumer services are the future that needs to be addressed as soon as possible!