5 Best Recommendation Engine Products in 2021

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Suraj Venkat

5 Best Recommendation Engine Products in 2021

Suraj Venkat
December 1, 2021
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5 Best Recommendation Engine Products in 2021


Recommendation engines such as Peritus are the rage these days, helping to address the challenge of inaccurate date and information overload in the webspace. 

Working as information filters that help to present content that are likely of interest to site visitors, recommendation engines serve as one of the most effective AI tools digitally. 

I'm sure you must be wondering what recommendation engine products are?

Let's dig deep!

What Is a Recommendation Engine?

Recommendation engines, also called personalization engines are AI-based tools that enhance user experience by providing customized content and product suggestions. It is developed using either content-based or collaborative filtering algorithms while operating on discovering patterns in consumer behavior data, which can be collected explicitly or implicitly.

Recommendation engines are great in addressing the challenge of information overload in the e-commerce space and other aspects of the internet. They help improve customer retention, engagement, and save a reasonable amount of browsing time since they easily direct users to products they are most likely to be interested in or purchase.

  1. Barilliance

Barilliance is an advanced personalization engine that includes real-time web personalization, Artificial Intelligence-driven product recommendations, and user views.

Starting at $250 per month, Barilliance offers more than 20 types of recommendations that can be added to any web page. What's more, since it understands each visitor's preferences and intent to your site, it helps to customize product recommendation widgets to look like an integral part of an e-Commerce site by matching the existing design.

  1. Peritus

Peritus is an AI Recommendation Engine that provides accurate data and proper insights to technical support, IT users, and service engineers when they most need it.

Peritus is an excellent problem-solving engine that provides utmost satisfaction to its customers. It is also a seamless cloud-based recommendation engine that uses machine learning and advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) to enable continuous learning from content, case management, discussions, and product development systems for its users. 

  1. Yuspify

With the help of Yuspify, it becomes easy to predict individual behaviour and preferences using data while providing personalized recommendations to create a better shopping experience and help product discovery at scale.

Yuspify synchronizes the user and product catalogs on your site with your Yuspify database, making you get the most value out of your traffic by providing your visitors with a relevant and pleasant user experience.

  1. Optimizely

Optimizely is an AI-powered engine product that is mostly used for its A/B testing capabilities. With Optimizely, businesses can create deep experiments and personalized experiences across different channels such as mobile applications, websites, and connected devices.

  1. Adobe Target

If you are searching for an enterprise-grade solution that includes automated personalization, testing, and the ability to customize algorithms, then Adobe Target is a good option. 

Adobe Target uses data from the cloud and other third-party sources to assist in testing and optimizing your website properties. It also makes it easy for site users to come across products, services, or content that might interest them based on their user activity, preferences, or other criteria.


Building a very naive system is quite cheap and will also likely deliver poor results. Product recommendation engines are not going anywhere, and It is a no-brainer that they can help your business reap huge benefits. They play an excellent role in providing your customers with a delightful and non-intrusive experience; therefore, it is necessary to have a supporting tool such as product recommendation engines as you explore the web.