7 Distribution Secrets (Growth Hacking Frameworks) for Startups

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Suraj Venkat

7 Distribution Secrets (Growth Hacking Frameworks) for Startups

Suraj Venkat
December 1, 2021
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7 Distribution Secrets (Growth Hacking Frameworks) for Startups

Before I explain to you what I think are the 7 best mindsets you must adopt if you wish to win in the market... Let me tell you a brief story about myself and my experiences

I have been an entrepreneur from a very young age, from selling ALL of my lemonades, to building interesting gadgets. I've always been motivated by making people's lives easier

In 2016 when I was pursuing my Masters in Computer Science at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I led a team of my peers to build an autonomous robot. At the time, this robot was very competitive compared to Industry Standards, and had it been given the right funding/enterprise customers, I would have been able to turn this into a business, a great world recognised robotics business at that. In fact a similar concept ended up being valued at $200M+ a few months later!!!

However, I was just too focussed on the product and getting things to work, so much that I never understood the importance of distribution, outreach and getting the word out!

After graduation, unlike many of my peers who decided to join big companies, I chose to work with startups. I like constraints, and I like out of the box solutions to problems. Startups are a great environment for people who enjoy solving such problems. I worked as a software engineer for several startups for the first few years of my career. But it quickly became apparent to me, that I had ideas, commercially valuable ideas and maybe I wasn't a great coder, instead maybe my strength was being the "ideas guy". I needed to take risks and indeed took risks.

This led to me starting up, Aten Ventures a venture studio. The business model is simple I help companies build and sell along with our partner network..... Through the experiences gathered at Aten Ventures, I have decided to spin up is unique because it addresses the problem of distribution for startups and SMEs:

How do you gain adoption and how can you leverage technology to grow your distribution and serve customers better?

Why leverage technology to grow? (Hint: It can save you time, money. And serious amounts of both.)

What about existing tools that are out there?

What is out there in the market is insufficient to grow and the bills for these tools keep piling on without commensurate growth. Fragmented tools and processes lack the punch in enabling you to grow. You see, there are several email marketing applications, social media automation tools however very few distribution systems that put the experiences of the buyer and seller at the centre, and more so provide you a unified growth terminal. Our platform enables you to start hitting the right channels with the smartest strategies that work way way better than baseline! 

Don't take my word for it listen to our customer's words....

Who is this intended for?

  • Founders of Startups and SMEs struggling to meet revenue goals
  • Marketers who are extremely busy and scrambling doing things that don't bring revenue in and are looking for EFFECTIVE, PROVEN AND REPEATABLE ways to grow revenue or conversions
  • Sales Folks struggling to convert cold contacts into contracts (OUCH!)
  • Aspriring Startup Folks

Why is this important?

Startups hate to admit but the failure of products is never because their products do not have enough features/Product Market Fit, instead it is because they don't have the right distribution in place and can't grow predictively and retain customers!

This is most often the reason for failure. Startups need cash, and cash is possible with paying users and customers. Cash in must be greater than cash out, in the long term for startups to thrive.

Startups have a weird fascination with product in the early stages. I am here to tell you differently. Please focus 70% on distribution, 30% on product if you want to thrive. Not just in early stages but through the lifetime of your venture. A good product that is never used becomes a liability to the company producing it. And mediocre products with great distribution can go a long long way!!!

What is Distribution and why is it THE MOST IMPORTANT THING for your business?

There are 2 main functions in a business (if you look at it simplistically) - Building and Selling. Product is the building (what you are going to sell), and how you end up selling and to whom you sell is the Distribution. Businesses rely on money in (input) to give you money out (output). Efficient businesses must be able to give you higher output for every unit of input.

Here is what good distribution can do for you:

  1. Effective and faster feedback from target segment of users/customers so you can actually build products that are better in every sense and that solve problems (not perceived problems). Effective problems because people are happy paying you to solve it for them.
  2. Giving you a healthy pipeline of customers and paying users so you can predictively grow revenue.
  3. Give you the negotiating power to price your products for profitability.
  4. Allow you the ability to make mistakes - it is possible that you make mistakes while growing and expanding your business. Having a large distribution will allow you the ability to recover from mistakes if a few customers churn.
  5. When you are hiring, you automatically attract the best talent :)

The 7 secrets that I reveal to you are general mindsets you must adopt if you seek to blitz ahead of the competition and here they are

1. Understand your Market and what you can sell, before you build

2. Don’t wait for perfect

3. Distribute far and wide

4. Be consistent

5. Focus on providing value, less on playbooks or someone else's formula

6. Measure the rights things, but be easy on yourself if you can't hit goals

7. Don’t blow your money on ads (before you have exhausted all organic channels)