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AI Powered CashFlow Analytics for SMEs

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Suraj Venkat
Company News

AI Powered CashFlow Analytics for SMEs

Suraj Venkat
December 1, 2021
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AI Powered CashFlow Analytics for SMEs

It can be extremely difficult for business owners to make keep track of their cash flow. And not just this — How do you leverage AI to make smarter decisions on your cash flow?

Many software solutions today involve cumbersome manual entry and don’t nearly provide enough insights to enable business owners to make smarter decisions.

Introducing Ace Analytics by TektorchAI!

With it’s very simple, intuitive interface and powerful back-end — users simply drop a list of PDF statements — and Ace Analytics makes sense out of it to provide users insights into their cash flow enabling owners to do business better!

Ace Analytics is hosted on AWS — and uses AI in the backend for classifying transactions and providing other analytics. PDF uploads are deciphered by leveraging a Python library called Camelot.

(The image below may take a few extra moments to display— thanks for your patience!)

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Ace Analytics Basic Version

Basic Features:

1. Automatic understanding of transactions from user uploaded PDF

2. Using that data, it presents a simple user interface containing:

a. Classification table — classifies your spending, credits based on sources

b. Expenditure distribution — How do you expend cash based on amount, and where?

c. Unutilized Cash Graph — Find out points where you had unutilized cash. Perhaps this could be put in a source to generate some % returns? Save for a rainy day or grow your cash because inflation always does :D

d. Credit Vs Debt

e. Expenditure History — Find out historical expenditure

Advanced Features:

  1. AI Analytics based insights based on your spending — get personalized suggestions on how you can optimize it!
  2. AI analytics on customer behavior to find patterns in customer spending and how you can conduct better business with your customers

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