How Peritus uses community forums to transform an effective support experience

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Suraj Venkat
How Peritus uses community forums to transform an effective support experience

Peritus Analytics is a benchmark of community effectiveness as compared to the industry best in class. As an organization, you receive valuable insights such as estimated case deflection risk, ROI potential, and trending hot spots that can affect NPS. You can track the progress of the community KPIs, individual experts, and contribute product knowledge to make the recommendations smarter.

The Peritus Assistant allows for Artificial Intelligence-based recommendations to answer questions quickly. Imagine a scenario where forum posts are solved using recommendations from trusted sources that are labeled and improved with a search feature and options for filters. You can even pin recommendations to your reply and enable technical support automation. These recommendations can always be fine-tuned with your expertise. The Peritus Assistant uses machine learning to learn from you and your experience. Boost your reputation within communities and get notified when the community finds your reply useful.

Another great feature is the ability to connect your unpublished knowledge that was previously hidden in the support case history, conversations, internal support notes, and product team technical documents. Peritus Assistant will look for answers to forum questions to make it easy for your support engineers to post and publish new knowledge and development services based on demand.

Community forums are ripe for creating and bettering your reputation according to a study conducted by Peritus, which examined posts and responses on leading IT industry forums. The study focused on four key metrics

the number of posts resolved

how quickly each post was resolved

whether posts were resolved by the first response

how many experts answered a bulk of the questions

The study showed surprising results. According to Robin Purohit, co-founder, and CEO of, “20% of experts generate over 80% of the accepted answers. This indicates a need to create more active forum contributors and empower a greater number of experts to deliver effective support. As the technology industry moves to a digital-first approach to customer service, there is huge potential for AI to make dramatic improvements in case deflection while lowering the effort for engineers to get the answers they need. Community forums have huge upside potential to become the best technical support channel for all IT problems.”

Peritus has the perfect solution for this situation. Peritus Assistant provides unlimited numbers of users wherein each user is given concise, ranked suggested answers for the question they are viewing, curated from trusted sources. Users can pin the best answers and get a drafted response to post in their name. Every user interaction with the Peritus Assistant continuously trains the system for the benefit of all.

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