How recommendation engines can help people become smarter at work?

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Suraj Venkat

How recommendation engines can help people become smarter at work?

Suraj Venkat
December 1, 2021
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How recommendation engines can help people become smarter at work?

"The early bird gets the first worm, but the wisest bird gets the fastest one."

― Matshona Dhliwayo

When we can be a smarter and wiser bird, why would we aim to be a conventional one?

While the “early bird” still catches the first worm, technological advancements have equipped us with the necessary tools to work swiftly, accomplish tasks and be resourceful with our time.

In a nutshell, a wiser, swifter bird can catch more worms - being early isn’t enough.

Artificial intelligence is one such tool that helps promote smart work.

When it comes to creating recommendations, be it for purchasing a product or a service, we look for the 'best' choice among the options offered to us. Recommending the 'best' option requires the technology to have an understanding of the individual.

Are you still wondering how recommendation engines help people become smarter at work?

Well here is how

  • Curated and tailored suggestions

We all love customized recommendations and the feeling of  ‘being understood', don't we?

Recommendation engines curate personalized results and answers that an individual could utilize when working.

These tailored responses are the outcome of the analyzed data from the individual's past preferences and the available information. The well-analyzed recommendations, in turn, prompt a decision that best suits the individual.

  • Greater customer and personal satisfaction (with work)

Do you aim to achieve productivity without compromising quality and customer satisfaction?

Work smarter.

According to a Harvard report, working smarter is the best way to increase personal productivity and achieve more significant goals. When working, one needs to bank on time invested for making a decision. And when we have a technology that can work according to our preferences, the recommendations and suggestions that follow help us create a sense of satisfaction, amongst us, our customers and employees.

Recommendation engines promote an employee's improved system to the customer or even employee to employer engagement. According to a study, smart workers are inclined to focus on their work-life balance, and the innovativeness in their work is the by-product of their work satisfaction.

  • Higher revenue returns

Working smarter is proportional to better utilization of time. And recommendation engines make sure you can bank on time invested in making decisions. When the algorithm understands an individual's preferences, the result that follows is a recommendation that is 'best' for the individual. Thus, leading the way for higher revenue returns, be it for an e-commerce company like Amazon, or an employee of a digital media organization aiming to work smarter.

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