How SynctacticAI Data Science Platform Can Help Your Automotive Company

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Suraj Venkat
How SynctacticAI Data Science Platform Can Help Your Automotive Company

By analyzing the terabytes of data from monitoring variables such as vehicle speed, engine temperature, fuel temperature, braking process, camshaft position, among others, automotive companies can have a detailed picture of how their vehicles are performing in the real world. They can then look for anomalous patterns in the data indicating that a specific part of the vehicle is underperforming or malfunctioning and fix that in the design of their next model.

Automotive companies can also provide personalized services to their customers such as recommending when a customer needs to service their cars. This is achieved by analyzing this same set of sensor data and more, as mentioned above, and using predictive analytics to determine when a vehicle part is likely to get faulty or needs servicing. 

Besides using predictive analytics to improve their customers' experience, automotive companies also use this in their manufacturing process. There are several machines and robots used in the manufacturing and assembly of a vehicle. Unplanned downtime in any of these robots and machines could lead to costly delays along the supply chain of the company. 

Predictive analytics is used to prevent this as well by analyzing sensor data from the robots and machines used in manufacturing. Well-timed maintenance could then be scheduled to minimize the effect of downtime in the company.

Data science is also applied to areas such as supply chain management, demand forecasting, inventory management, and so on. There are numerous applications of data science in the automotive industry, and novel ways of 'seeing' into the data automotive companies produce are constantly being developed.

Carrying out all these analyses requires skilled personnel who, at present, are scarce and therefore expensive to hire. With SynctacticAI, these concerns cease to exist. SynctacticAI is a data science as a service platform that offers several data science services. Below are some of them.

Data Processing

SynctacticAI provides Big Data processing services that can process the vast amounts of data produced in the automotive industry. It also provides real-time data processing, a necessary feature for the automotive industry where automobiles continually produce data.

Artificial Intelligence

The platform has features like feature engineering (necessary for preparing the data for analysis), clustering and segmentation, prediction and forecasting (used in predictive analytics, demand forecasting, supply chain management, and so on), and classification and anomaly detection (used in detecting anomalous patterns in sensor data from vehicles as mentioned above).

Business Intelligence

The platform also offers various data visualization techniques to make viewing and understanding your KPIs easier. 


Data science is being used extensively in the automotive industry, and new insights are constantly being derived from the available data. Being able to come up with game-changing insights could put you ahead of competitors and therefore increase your market share and profit. With SynctacticAI, it becomes much easier and cost-effective to derive these potentially game-changing insights for your company.