How SynctacticAI Data Science Platform Can Help Your Advertising & Media Company

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Suraj Venkat
How SynctacticAI Data Science Platform Can Help Your Advertising & Media Company

The advertising industry relies on data to carry out several of its key activities. The data is needed to know where to place ads, how often to display them, how much to spend on the ads, and so on. Advertisement platforms like Facebook and Google need data to recommend ads accurately to the right audience. But besides ad platforms, advertising agencies and companies also need data for several things.

The goal of every business or organization when advertising is to either create awareness about something such as a product, service, or event or to get people to carry out some kind of action such as signing up on a platform or purchasing a product. To achieve these goals for their clients, advertising companies have to monitor some key metrics to ensure they are using the best advertising strategy.

Regardless of the medium, the advertising company uses for their clients, metrics such as reach, impressions, clicks, audience demography(gender, age, etc), and click-through rate have to be monitored constantly. By analyzing these data points advertising companies can gain even more useful information such as cost-performance ratio, conversion rate by media type, demography (gender, age, etc) reach, and so on. With this, they can revise their ad strategy and decide if a medium is a right fit for their client, or if they should reduce their budget for a medium based on their ad’s performance on it. 

But first, the data has to be collected. This can be a little difficult because the data isn’t usually from a single source. There are several advertisement platforms, and each stores its data in various formats. It is up to the advertising company to transform the data into a unified format before they can be analyzed. 

SynctaticAI—a data science as a service platform offers a single platform that takes care of all these and more.

Sync Discover

With SynctacticAI’s Sync Discover feature, you can bring in data in any format, structured or unstructured, real-time or batch, and interact with it easily. Sync Discover makes use of algorithms to identify the data types, schema, and relationships in your data. It then presents this information to you in an interactive data map. It also provides a search feature that allows you to look through your data. 

Sync Data

Sync Data comes into play when you need to carry out analyses on your data. It has predefined operations such as join, sort, filters, and so on that you can use to create data pipelines for analyzing your data. If the predefined operations available aren’t suitable for your use case, you can import your custom script as well to build your pipeline.

Business Intelligence

When you’re done with transforming and analyzing your data. SynctaticAI provides a variety of charts and visualization formats to make your analysis easier to understand and derive insight from. 


Being able to make data-driven decisions prevents bad and costly decisions. With SynctacticAI, it becomes easier for you to get the much-needed insight to make the right decision for your client whilst spending less.