How to optimize your Marketing Strategy through Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Suraj Venkat
How to optimize your Marketing Strategy through Artificial Intelligence (AI)

How to optimize your Marketing Strategy through Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As much as many business owners and marketers have embraced AI, others still find the whole concept alien. Many who are yet to embrace it do not understand the enormous impact AI could have on their marketing process. Before we go on, we need to understand what AI is, how it works, and its usefulness in marketing strategies.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology designed to think as humans would do. When it comes to complex problem solving, they can handle tasks in the same capacity as humans, or sometimes even better. Unlike regular computer programs manually coded to give specific output, AI can recognize patterns and make predictions.

When AI is integrated into marketing, it is bound to make it better and easier for the marketer. Artificial intelligence in marketing strategies is a way of leveraging data, machine learning, and deep learning to optimize marketing campaigns.

Here are some of the ways that you could integrate AI into marketing:

#1 Consumer Behavior

A good marketer can always tell the needs, wants, and behavior of his/her customer. However, it may be impossible to know all this information as much as it is needed. However, AI-enabled marketing would allow you to reach the right customer, provide the best possible service and helpful customer service all at the right time. Also, AI-enabled marketing can track a customer across all platforms and help you understand what your customers have bought in the past and what they would like the next time.


#2 Consumer Experience

Another use of artificial intelligence in marketing is virtual assistants and chatbots-all these aims at improving the overall experience a consumer has on a platform. You can use AI 24/7 to provide valuable insights and assistance to customers by answering questions, resolving issues and complaints, and gathering feedback. These chatbots are programmed to give human responses and simulate actual voice responses in some cases. 

#3 User Experience

A good user experience on a platform is essential to the success of a business. Many e-commerce business owners can now personalize the user experience of specific individuals with AI algorithms. This personalization could be based on behavior, region, or other preferences. This way, the customer is served, and conversion potential increased.

#4 Personalization 

With little time and effort, AI algorithms can also create personalized ads and recommendations for consumers. It helps gather data about the past interaction of a consumer with certain products and predict what they will most likely buy next. To the consumer, it will appear on their feed as “recommended for you.” It guides their decision based on their preference. This way, the consumer spends less time and gets the best possible products. 


There are various marketing strategies for AI and also many benefits to using it. The use of AI in marketing could increase productivity because the most daunting tasks will be taken care of, and there is more time spent on innovation. With this, the future of marketing would be incomplete without having a proper AI marketing strategy in place.