How uses AI recommendations to make tech workers more productive?

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Suraj Venkat
How uses AI recommendations to make tech workers more productive?

How uses AI recommendations to make tech workers more productive?

The recent changes in the market trends over the decade have favored Artificial Intelligence innovations, especially in enterprise.

The latest addition to the land of innovations and Technical Support Automation has a new player,!

This recently founded startup was established in 2017 and it is focused on automating Enterprise Technology, supporting delivery, and automating the operations around huge data centers.

The company is based out of California , USA and Bengaluru , India. It utilizes the latest developments in the field of AI-based technologies, to help make customer support friendly and useful as opposed to another sales channel.

It breaks down the complexity of operations around multiple business problems and focuses on providing solutions with a streamlined approach, focusing on what really matters!

How makes things different

Rooted in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the platform analyses and leverages the combined intelligence of technical community members, official documents and forums. It uses it’s powerful AI-based recommendation engine in order to arrive at recommendations at scale.

This way, the platform tends to anticipate problems and helps choose the right course of action for faster resolution of problems that arise in different Software and Technology development scenarios. automates infrastructure support by indexing and categorizing different formats of data in ITOM/ITSM format.

The platform works in collaboration with advanced NLP and machine learning that allows it to work smartly and with minimal human intervention. enables seamless learning from discussions, content, product development, and case management systems.

In a nutshell, picks up on the four aspects of Software as a Service programs (consolidation, deliveries, automation, and new entitlements) and is focused on developing a solution that requires minimal or no human intervention.

What does the future hold for!

With future expectancy to grow at the rate of CAGR at 52% from 2017 to 2025, AI powered products are changing the game and Peritus is well situated in the customer support meets AI arena to tap this growth.

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