Role of high impact contributors in driving customer support experience

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Suraj Venkat
Role of high impact contributors in driving customer support experience

The idea behind the high impact customer experience enhancing factors is to help create a more sustainable user experience that brings more customer satisfaction. It also brings in customer retention as well as word of mouth publicity.

The role of high impact contributors in driving customer support are:

Improving product experience

Making the product specifically cater to the needs of the customer can help your product, as well as your company stand out. Ways to improve the product experience would be to improve it’s design by making it more user friendly and interactive. Including AI-powered recommendation engines along with usage of zero-touch customer service practices will make your product sail across oceans !

These practices can help drive customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty. They can also positively influence your product’s ability to bring meaningful change in your customer’s life.

Bringing customers to make purchase decisions about your products

One step is to reaffirm the customer about your product and give them valid reasons to fulfil the purchase decision. This can be done through product demonstration AVs, walkthroughs and modular website designs.

These methods can help the customers make a more informed purchase decision and be more in touch with your organization and your product or service. This practise of building a customer-obsessed relationship will help improve customer retention and enhance the possibility of other purchasing decisions with your company in the future.

Creating consistency around your business processes to develop consistency for the customer

When companies start to grow, they are divided and subdivided into a number of teams that are assigned with multiple teams, handling various processes. This might lead to a long process of solving queries as customers will have to address their problems to some new executive, every time they get disconnected. Further, there can be chances of a conflict in sharing information and explanations. This can lead to confusion, and often a loss of confidence.

However, when businesses have a consistent tonality and problem-solving ability for the customers, the chances are that the customers won’t slip away and feel valued, despite talking to different executives.


The suggested factors were some of the high impact contributors that have changed the face of CX. While serving the customers might have always been the tradition, modern customers have an edge for something more than their problems being addressed. They want a quicker, reliable and swift alternative to their concerns and queries over different industry segments.