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Document Exchange and Content 

Exchange documents with your customers and/or vendors. Content Intelligence allows you to secure documents, set expiry dates and view analytics about how documents are received and accessed!

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Understand Customer
Trends and Intent

Bitbaza enables tech leaders to uncover customer intent and trends. Based on responses and demo interactions understand what your customers are excited about and what they aren't.

Shape your product or service roadmap to serve your market and customers in the most effective way!

To stay ahead of the competition, listen to your customers not your competitors ;)

Further, we are adding user testing and feedback features enabling vendors to build exciting products and for users to earn money from participating in product testing (coming soon!)

Our Features

sales cycle with seamless discovery

Buyers enjoy instant demos and sellers save time and costs on demos - shortening sales cycle


Customer Care throughout lifecycle of purchase

When you buy enterprise tech, customer care and support are very important - Bitbaza ensures you are one message away from your tech providers

Analytics & Documents

Monitor Analytics on purchases, projects, document intelligence and maintain your documents and invoices in one place!


Our Mission

Happy and Efficient Enterprises

Building and Growing Our Community and Partner Network

Enabling Smooth Global Enterprise Commerce

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