Turbo Charge Your Growth

Leverage state of the art AI tools and pair them with web3 incentives for user growth, community growth, brand awareness or for a revenue boost

Launch Campaign

3 Modules for Turbocharging ANY projects Distribution

We have case studies available for projects leveraging our platform for B2B, B2C or Crypto/DeFi/Web3 Growth

AI Social Monitoring and Engagement

Bitbaza.io's AI scans millions of public conversations to pinpoint just those that are relevant to you

Find meaningful ways to engage relevant audiences on Twitter, LinkedIN, Discord, Telegram, Slack, Facebook, PR Sources, Cloud Marketplaces (+ more)
Incentivize your own users/followers to spread the word about your brand
Accelerate acquisition of Mindshare online by becoming omni-present

Multi-Channel Outreach and Payouts CRM

Automated outreach on 8 channels

Conduct automated outreach on Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Slack, Discord, Telegram, Reddit

Track Leads, Conversations and Tasks on a Kanban CRM

Track anything from leads, conversation to tasks on user-friendly Kanban boards.

Auto-update CRM and Manage Payouts for Tasks

Leverage APIs to auto-update CRM and manage referral fees, commissions, salary payouts through CRM

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Content distribution engine

Don't just create content, ensure it gets RELEVANT viewers with the content distribution engine

Leverage RPA to distribute content to 1000s of traffic sources and communities
Harness the power of human networks and influence - reward influencers in your field and they will help you distribute your content
Track the success of content pieces

Successful Campaigns = Happy Customers

Everyone from B2B, B2C, creators to Defi/Crypto projects have enjoyed success with the Bitbaza.io Growth Engine

“Closed a $100k Deal with several more in pipeline”

Since the Inception of Bitbaza.io's growth tools in 2020, Tektorch has been the earliest customer for Bitbaza. Tektorch offers digital transformation services. It is a B2B business and with hyper-personalised outreach in multiple channels we were able to generate several meetings and closed a $100k deal with several more in pipeline!

Nikhil Singh
CEO and FOunder

“Outreach campaigns are great!”

I've seen the tremendous impact of the various tools offered on my business. As a single founder, outreach campaigns are great!

Yuli Stremovsky
CEO and Founder

“The social listener tool in Bitbaza.io has been THE BEST martech tool we've used”

We were able to streamline our outreach and grow partnerships with the CRM. Meanwhile, the social listener tool in Bitbaza.io has been THE BEST martech tool we've used. At router protocol, we have to B2B and B2C marketing, the platform is a great fit for both.

Suraj Chawla
Head of partnerships
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Icon - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the platform priced?

In order for a campaign to be setup, there is a setup cost and based on data and incentives you wish to set for contributors on the platform, the final pricing is decided. Typically, campaigns can be designed for $500-$2000.

What is the conversion rate if I use the platform?

From the tests we have ran on multiple channels, the platform's tools and contributors can beat baseline for any industry by performing 1.5x-4x better.

How is this platform different from other growth tools?

This platform brings both people and tools together. And unlike other growth tools in the market which simply enable you to create content or send/track emails or outbound messages, Bitbaza.io can distribute with precision and help you gain market share by effectively making you omni-present.

What timeline should I keep to realise business impact?

Most customers see immediate success after one campaign, but sustained campaigns will help your business gain market share. Marketing is a game of experimentation and repetition of those experiments that work.